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Why Choose Molafos over Dry Licks and Blocks
January 12, 2021

Molasses based supplements such as Molafos have many advantages over dry licks and blocks.

Energy Source

To effectively utilise NPN (Urea), ruminants require an energy source or fermentation substrate. The sugars in Molafos are an ideal fermentation substrate, resulting in superior utilisation of urea and increased safety margin when compared to Dry Licks and Blocks. The superior utilisation of urea results in greater forage intake and digestibility.

Livestock Adaption

Being molasses based, Molafos encourages livestock to accept the supplement and results in a much higher percentage of the herd consuming the supplement. Molasses based supplements allow the inclusion of non-palatable ingredients while maintaining consistent and controlled supplement intakes.

Rain Safe

Because all the NPN in Molafos is held in solution there is no danger of urea toxicity following rain. When Dry Licks and Blocks get wet during rain, urea can dissolve and pool resulting in potential urea toxicity issues if livestock consume the rain affected product.

Product Consistency

All active nutrients in Molafos are dissolved in solution resulting in a completely homogeneous and consistent supplement. Therefore, Molafos is not affected by product separation or sorting, which can be an issue with Dry Licks.

Molasses is also a superior additive carrier for ingredients such as Ionophores, Magnesium and Terric bloat oil.

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