Feedlot – Sheep

The intensive production solution

Feedlotting your sheep guarantees consistency in their weight gain and ensures you hit target weights as per your production plan.

By following our scientifically developed RationAssist program, you can maximise the performance of your livestock using a customised feedlot ration tuned to your operation. Our molasses based Molafos supplements are available in concentrate and suspension forms.

Our Molafos Feedlot Concentrates contain high levels of protein with balanced minerals, vitamins and optional medications.

Feedlot rations require a calcium source to balance the calcium:phosphorous ratio. Limestone is the most cost common source of calcium and can be added separately into the mixer at your feedlot.

Cattle enjoying feed

Molafos Feedlot Concentrates are designed specifically for sheep and offer multiple benefits:

Increased palatability of the ration through a pleasant odour and greatly enhanced presentation in the trough. Importantly, it brings starter lambs on to the ration and cuts the number of shy feeders.

Elimination of dust and fines. Dry rations cause health and performance issues and the molasses base to our concentrates bind the dust and fines tightly into the ration.

Elimination of ‘sorting’. Sheep will ‘sort’ dry rations and create an unbalanced intake. The molasses content binds the ration in the mixer and ensures your sheep feed intake is uniform and consistent.

Even distribution. It’s critical that livestock receive a consistent ration to ensure essential minerals, vitamins and optional medications such as monencin (for acidosis control) are distributed evenly through the ration. Applying the supplement directly to the grain makes this possible.

Molafos 8% Feedlot Concentrate range

Included at 8% into the ration and (80kg/tonne of ration mixed), offering various protein levels and optional ionophore, the higher molasses component makes drier feed more palatable and further reduces sifting and feed separation.

Suitable for use in: Trough feeding.

Suitable for species:  

Molafos Suspension

Feedlot suspensions are molasses-based supplements with limestone included during the mixing process and delivered to the feedlot. Suspensions are added at a higher inclusion than concentrates and contain a balanced formulation of protein, minerals, vitamins and optional medications.

Suitable for use in: Larger feedlots

Suitable for species:  

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