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Vegetable oils

Our Energro brand has been synonymous with  the supply of oil into the beef feedlot sector for more than 15 years.

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest producer and importer of various vegetable oils, GrainCorp provides choice across a multitude of feedstocks.

Vegetable oils are a valuable source of energy for livestock, with more than three times the energy of grain in ruminant rations.

And recent studies suggest they can help reduce methane emissions in ruminants, an import driver in reducing CO2 emissions.

They also assist in reducing wear and tear on plant and equipment through lubrication, and acting as a dust suppressant.

Vegetable oils are available in bulk on a spot and contract basis.

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Derived from cane sugar and characterised by its great palatability and flexibility of use, molasses is primarily an energy source that can added to feedlot rations.
Molasses is not in itself a balanced feed, so when its energy is balanced with key nutrients, it becomes an excellent supplement for cattle.
Available in bulk deliveries from our production plants at a spot price, molasses can also be contracted at various times of the molasses crush season.

Canola meal

The by-product of canola oil crushing, canola meal is high in protein and available as solvent-expeller and expeller-pressed meal.
Available in bulk delivery on the spot market price, or forward contracted at various times of the year.

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