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Fertility & feed: The key facts

Giving your heifers the right protein and energy at the right time in their breeding cycle has far-reaching effects. Get it wrong and you’ll pay a heavy price…

De-stressing calf weaning

Weaning is a difficult process for cattle – but you can create an easier transition. Limiting stress from these changes is critical to the development of young livestock.

How phosphorous deficiency drives down productivity

Cattle need phosphorus (P) for almost every vital bodily function, including building bones and teeth, metabolising fat, carbohydrates and protein, and milk synthesis…

Stubble & livestock: What you should know

By itself, stubble can result in sheep and cattle losing condition. But when balanced out with a dash of energy and protein, it can be a useful feed source…

What we do

We manufacture and supply molasses-based feed supplements and vegetable oil to enhance farm productivity in beef cattle, sheep, dairy cattle and other domestic livestock fed under a variety of systems and with differing nutritional needs.  

Our brands include Molafos, Rumifeed and Energro, as well as products such as crude Molasses and Dry Feeds. Our feeds are developed to provide a variety of nutritional applications at various price points. 

Our experienced services team also offers nutrition advice that supports our free RationAssist program, helping our intensive livestock customers meet their production targets all year round.

Feeds for a better future

Through our investment in FutureFeed, we have partnered with the CSIRO and forward-thinking companies to support the commercial production of Asparagopsis (red seaweed), while enabling continued research and development into its benefits. This marine-based animal feed is designed to reduce up to 90 per cent of methane emissions from livestock whilst at the same time increase feed efficiency. According to the United Nations, total livestock methane emissions currently account for more than five per cent of all human-generated greenhouse gases every year, so this innovative feed can play a big role in tackling climate change. It also improves farm and feed productivity through a reduction in waste, so it makes good business sense as well as helping reduce emissions.

Put Simply

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