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Molafos Tank Agitation
January 13, 2021

If you’re commencing a Molafos feeding program after a period of inactivity, we recommend you carry out the following 3 steps:

 1. Thoroughly agitate the tank to ensure the consistency of product. Some settling can occur over time so stirring the tank is particularly important if the product is medicated with monensin or lasalocid.  These additives can cause toxicity if excessive amounts are consumed.

 2. Run some warm or hot water through the pump to lift any build-up which can reduce flow rate over time.  Pouring hot water over the gear pump casing can be effective in getting seized pumps to run again.

 3. Check hoses/pipework for any signs of wear or perishing that may cause a blowout.

 4.  Check the tank for any signs of damage and ensure the manhole is in place to reduce the likelihood of rodents, birds and debris getting in.

Flat bottom tanks can be agitated in a number of ways as follows:

a. Recirculating the tank via the pump, picking up from the base of the tank and returning at the top of the tank.

b. Using a compressor to blast air into the Molafos via an air spear

c. Prior to filling the tank, run a line of perforated poly pipe in the base of the tank (held down with besser blocks). Use a compressor to regularly blast air into the tank to agitate

See video above  for recirculating Molafos in IBCs using a pump, an air spear, and a cordless drill driven stirrer.

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