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We help build stronger, 
healthier, more productive 
livestock – all year round.

Our advanced nutritional supplements are designed to bridge the gap between the quality of available feed and your animals’ energy and protein needs.

Backed by our technical services team, we can tailor individual solutions to suit your livestock, your farm and your business plan.

Pasture and feedlot, beef, dairy or sheep – our unique RationAssist and PastureAssist programs will support you in deciding on the right solution, delivered in the most suitable program.


Rumifeed improves pasture utilisation through improved rumen function.

Using this supplement, cattle and sheep are more likely to gain weight (or reduce the rate of loss), develop higher fertility and potentially generate improved overall profitability.

Fed in a variety of grazing situations from dry forage to green pasture, Rumifeed is a controlled consumption, molasses-based supplement delivered on farm, directly into your trough or one of our famous golden tubs.

We control your animals’ intake by blending the supplement’s sweet and sour elements on farm, optimising consumption and animal performance while also presenting clarity around budget before you start.

Key features:

  • Rain-safe, containing a balance of protein, energy and minerals.
  • Molasses based, with ingredients held in solution.
  • Flows at temperatures as low as -10°C.
  • Contains Flavomycin to improve fibre digestion.
  • Slow-release urea aids in delivering a controlled supply of ammonia.
  • Encourages stock to forage further and less selectively.
  • Improves growth rates through increased dry matter intake of hay or dry pasture.
  • Fortified with high levels of phosphorous, which has been shown to have positive effects on fertility and growth rates.


Our Energro brand has been synonymous with the supply of oil into the beef feedlot sector for more than 15 years.

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest producer and importer of various vegetable oils, GrainCorp provides choice across a multitude of feedstocks.

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Vegetable oils are a valuable source of energy for livestock – more than three times the energy of grain in ruminant rations.
And recent studies suggest they can help reduce methane emissions in ruminants, an import driver in reducing C02 emissions.
They also assist in reducing wear and tear on plant and equipment through lubrication, and act as a dust suppressant.
Vegetable oils are available in bulk on a spot and contract basis.

Key features:

  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Quality assured and complies with APVMA Maximum Residue Limits
  • High energy supplement (ME33-37 Mj/Kg)
  • Lubricating in dry mixing machinery may reduce rust and general wear and tear
  • Minimal product shrinkage when handled correctly
  • Palatable


Designed to restore and maintain a balance of energy, protein and minerals, the molasses based Molafos liquid supplement range offers a broad suite of applications.

Delivering essential minerals, vitamins and medications, the rain-safe Molafos range supports dry and green pastures, feedlot and feedmill for beef and dairy cattle and sheep.

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By addressing the seasonal shortfall in pasture quality, Molafos supplements ensure livestock don’t lose condition, health or reproductive potential at key points during the year.

In a feedlot setting, Molafos support producers’ production plans by ensuring the feed ration enables healthy and stable weight gain.
These range of formulations also includes Molafos supplements to counteract grass tetany, bloat, low phosphorous conditions, and assist with weaning and lactation.

Our PastureAssist and RationAssist programs pair a member of our technical team with the producer to understand their production plan, sample and test on-farm commodities including pasture, and develop a Molafos supplement regime tuned to each farm.