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Stubble & livestock: What you should know
February 05, 2021

By itself, stubble can result in sheep and cattle losing condition. But when balanced out with a dash of energy and protein, it can be a useful feed source.

FACT : Stubble is high in cellulose and low in sugars, which makes it deficient as a source of protein and energy. Plus, its fibrous nature limits how much stubble an animal can eat.

A record harvest in many parts of Australia has delivered a secondary benefit for mixed farmers: Stubble for sheep and cattle to graze on.

But while it’s a convenient, virtually zero-cost food source, stubble also has significant drawbacks.

But it’s not all bad news.

Adding a Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) source – such as urea – has been shown to consistently increase livestock intake and the digestibility of low-quality forages.
The step change here is enhanced digestibility: By increasing the consumption of even relatively low-quality forage, the energy and protein intake grows and livestock performance improves substantially.

But achieving such a response is dependent on the availability of a fermentation substrate or energy source, such as starch from grain or sugar from molasses.

And that’s where supplements such as Molafos 15 S play a crucial role.

Being a molasses-based supplement, Molafos 15 S is a convenient, high-value method of delivering NPN, essential minerals and an energy source in a palatable, easily applied supplement.

Beneficial for supplementing cattle and maintaining growth for lambs and health for pregnant ewes, livestock love the taste of Molafos 15 S – potentially too much so.

It’s why the Molafos 15 S formula contains intake limiters to stop livestock from over-consuming, which in turn passively controls input costs.

Molafos also meets PCAS pasture fed standards – feeding straight grain doesn’t – ensuring livestock can be supplied into all end-user markets.

Simply feed in open troughs or through roller-licker troughs in the paddock, allowing free access.

And Molafos 15 is rain-safe, so put it out in all conditions without the need for cover.


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