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Why Canola Oil is a great ration ingredient
January 13, 2021

Canola Oil is an ideal livestock supplement for smaller-scale lot feeders and producers who are containment feeding sheep or cattle and don’t have the infrastructure (ie large heating tanks) for bulk products such as Energro.

Above all, Canola Oil is a great energy source for livestock with an energy value of 35MJ ME/kg DM – approximately three times higher than grain.It is derived from whole, black hulled canola seed and is typically included in mixed rations at 0.5-2% as fed.

Canola oil is also renowned for its superior dust suppression capability, enhanced moisture retention and ability to reduce feed separation issues. 

It is easy to handle and doesn’t require heating.

Furthermore, it also reduces the build-up of feed on equipment and reduces friction, thereby reducing milling costs (something that is becoming increasingly important with rising electricity prices).

Following the ban on the feeding of ruminant material to ruminants in 1996 (to minimise the risk of recycling the BSE Agent if it were introduced), it is essential to ensure any Canola Oil fed to ruminants is free from Restricted Animal Material (RAM) ie is Animal Fat Free.

Canola oil is darkish brown to yellow in colour and is slightly viscous with a specific gravity of 0.91.

It is a suitable supplement for cattle, sheep and horses.

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds provides non-GMO and RAM-free Canola Oil in 1000 litre IBC’s from local resellers.

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