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Molafos 101 – What Exactly is Molafos?
January 12, 2021

Molafos is a range of molasses-based liquid feed supplements containing energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Molafos products are palatable, safe and easy to feed. Many are ideally suited to cattle and sheep grazing dry pasture, stubble or crop while others are designed for feedlots, dairy, horses and other specific purposes eg bloat and grass tetany.

The diagram below shows the decreasing level of palatability within the pasture supplement range and the subsequent declining level of Molafos intake by the animal. This enables consumption and costs to be budgeted and managed accordingly. The number refers to the protein content in the product e.g. Molafos 20 contains 20% protein.

Why Supplement?

Energy, protein and vitamins/minerals are essential nutritional components for ruminants. Without these, the rumen microbes will decline in number and become less efficient. In other words unless a fortified protein and energy supplement is provided, livestock are not capable of digesting adequate quantities of dry feed. They will therefore lose weight and fail to achieve required production or maintenance targets. 

When to Feed

Molafos should be introduced to livestock as pasture quality decreases and while there is still some green content (protein) in the available pasture i.e. before stock start to lose weight.  If there is no dry feed available (ie red zone) a full feeding program will need to replace a supplementary feeding program.


Molafos is available across Eastern Australia in the form of IBC’s from resellers or it can be delivered in bulk loads to on-farm liquid supplement tanks.

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