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How to get Livestock eating Straw Bales
January 12, 2021

With soaring prices and reduced supply of quality cereals and hay, utilising low quality hay, stubble or straw with Molafos has become an attractive option for many livestock producers.


For those reluctant to invest in tubs and without the luxury of mixer wagons, pouring Molafos on hay or straw increases palatability, digestibility and subsequently intake. Importantly, it provides the necessary energy, protein and essential minerals to help maintain ruminants when there is little else available.


Molafos can be poured directly onto small or large bales of hay or straw, ideally a day or two prior to feeding to allow it to penetrate. Pouring it onto the cut end of the bale enhances penetration as may probing the bales with hay forks.


The rate of Molafos applied per bale will of course vary depending on individual circumstances, however 20-60kg of Molafos per large bale should provide a sufficient dose.

Diluting with Water

Diluting the Molafos with water is also an option to aid penetration and enable better coverage. The volume of water used needs to be considered, as increasing the moisture content can reduce the time to hay spoilage.

Not for Horses

Be sure to keep your horses away as Molafos is designed for ruminants only!!

Learn more

Before embarking on a new application program we recommend you read our tech note for Pouring Molafos Over Hay or Straw, or Boom Spray Application of Molafos to Cereal Straw, or see our 90 second video on Applying Molafos to Straw.

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